Mr. Arif Ahmed

Mr. Arif Ahmed
(Founder and Chairman)

He is known as the Pioneer of 3D Animation Training in Bangladesh. Having successful completion of graduation in Applied Physics and Electronics from the University of Dhaka he choose the path of 3D animation as his career. He is the pioneering 3D animator in Bangladesh. He has produced hundreds of animated clips for TV advertisements, films, documentaries and learning contents. To flourish the concept of 3D animation he has also conducted hundreds of workshops. He is the author of two conceptual books on animation. Arif Ahmed is also contributing as an Associate Professor of Multimedia and Creative Technology department at Daffodil International University. 

Shibli zaman Annan Ceo

Mr. Shibli Zaman Annan
(Chief Executive Officer - CEO)

Completing his graduation M.Sc in Software Engineering from Daffodil International University. Mr. Shibli Zaman Annan started his career in the education sector for rendering his contribution to the greater benefit of the training department & human resources. His main focus is maintaining relationships between students & faculty members

Shadman Hossain Sufol

Shadman Hossain Sufol
(Chief Operating Officer - COO)

A graduate of Daffodil international university with a M.Sc in Software Engineering. He is Bring us a fantastic breadth of experiences as a Chief Operating Officer. He has demonstrated strategic leadership ability. He Works to develop systems, processes, controls, and procedures that improve the overall efficiency of the Company and ensure excellent client service. He had 2 years of industry experience in IT Development and IT Support.

Nahid Hasan shuvo

Nahid Hasan Shuvo
(Managing Director - MD)

A graduate of Daffodil international university with a M.Sc in Software Engineering. Analyze problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions to ensure company survival and growth. He has excellent organizational and leadership skills. Manage resources, including the attracting, hiring, and retention of personnel. He was working as a Software Engineer of  CodeFix IT.

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